Shrink chucks

WTE shrink chucks permit the clamping of tools for almost all machining tasks. Precise fitting accuracy combined with the highest clamping force as well as very high torque transmission and excellent values for radial stiffness are the features of WTE shrink chucks. The best radial run-out accuracy and accuracy of repetition under 0.003 mm provide the highest dimensional accuracy on the workpiece.

Additional properties of WTE shrink chucks include:

  • SK and HSK-A designs are provided with chip drilling for integrated data carriers
  • Accessory parts such as module adapters, various extensions and spare parts are always available from stock

  • Shrink chucks, standard

    • High balancing quality
    • 4.5° contour
    • Variant with radial and angular alignment via module shank
    • All commonly used connections available from stock

  • "KKB" Shrinks chuck

    • Resealable cooling channel bores
    • Improved chip removal in the machining process guaranteed
    • HSK-A 63 and 100 available from stock

  • "3°" Shrink chucks

    • Lean contour (3°)
    • Ideal for machining in contour-critical areas
    • SK40, HSK-A63 and HSK-A100 available from stock

  • "Volume Shrink"

    • Suitable for heavy machining
    • Significantly better damping and high rigidity due to the geometry
    • Available as a short and long design
    • SK50, HSK-A63 and HSK-A100 available from stock